My trip was amazing, I stayed one week in Quito in a Host family, particularly kind and sweet to learn spanish! I had such a great time with them the Spanish lessons with Ecuaswiss were very nice ! I had private classes every days it helped me a lot then to volunteer. I spent also 2 weeks in the Animal Rescue Center next to Puyo. I had a wonderful time there, and I am completely ready to do it again any time !!!

Volunteer Ecuador Monkey ecuaswiss projects - Testimonials

Beautiful experience on the Monkey Island, we had a great time with the responsible and his family... We could monitored monkey during a month but also work in different ambiental projects with the kichwa communities around. We also visited the Yasuni National Park during some excursions and we also released some monkeys into the Reserve. I really recommend Ecuaswiss Foundation for Volunteering in Ecuador, they have really nice projects and you know where goes the money, directly in their projects !

Carla & Ludo (France) - Testimonials

We helped in the construction of the common house, then one of our main missions was to help re-build the bathroom of the common area. This work was super interesting.
Immersion in the Sacha Wasi community was super interesting and really exotic. The total cut was made possible, and we are glad to have learned many things of the indigenous Kichwa. The big plus point of this experiment is primarily the exchange that we had together and the time spent with them. And we believe that in the end we both took advantages of this (personally it was an enrichment). A beautiful experience that we will keep in our hearts.

Volunteer Work Mindo Organic Farm Ecuador - Testimonials

I was taking part in an agriculture Project in Las Tolas, that is near by Mindo and about 2 hours away from Quito in the mountains (the area their is amazing, green, hilly and really beautiful). I lived in a Ecuadorian family, with one of the loveliest persons I have ever met. At first my Spanish was quite terrible and it was difficult to communicate, but the people, although they could not speak any english, helped me to learn the language and after two weeks I was speaking with them quite fluent and sharing all my experience with them, discussing about social problems and cultural differences. My main activities during the time were picking coffee; taking care of animals; planting trees and vegetables; building fish ponds and some more. I have learned in that month so much about the country, agriculture and the kind of living, how I could never experience just by travelling. I am so thankful that I could spend the month there and could get to know all that kind of people there.


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