Study Abroad Ecuador

Study Abroad Ecuador in Ecuador as it is a country characterised by diversity – of people, language, and environment. The majority of Ecuadorians are mestizos, people with a mixture of indigenous and European ancestry. There are 12 distinct ethnic groups that speak 18 languages, and a third of the population is wholly indigenous and most of those communities live in the Amazon Rainforest (Quichua, Huaorani, Siona, Shuar, etc.) and in the Highlands Andes (Otavalo, Cañari, Puruhá, Salasaca, etc.).

You have a lot to learn about those culture and the Ecuadorian people and companies are warmly welcoming foreign students that want to do their Internships, Cultural Exchanges or Study Spanish – Study Abroad Ecuador. Ecuador is a small country but has so much to give you that you will need to visit this beautiful country, meet and share with local people to have the best experience. 

Study Abroad Ecuador

We have different Study Abroad Programs, the most important at the beginning are the Programs to Learn Spanish in Ecuador as it is the best way to feel integrated in a country when you can communicate with local people and the projects you are going to visit and work with. We have 2 options, the first one is in Quito and the second one is in Cotacachi. If you want to do an Internship in your career, you can also contact us and we could organise a customised Internship in Ecuador with our partners.

Study Abroad Ecuador

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