Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands Farm Ecuador

The San Cristobal Island is located at east side. It has 7,000 inhabitants. The island has its own enchanted with a restored airport. Volunteers will be met at San Cristobal airport by the program coordinator and go to the project by car. We can receive you in Quito Airport and you spend 1 night in a Family Host for an extra $75.
The farm has 7 hectares, it is located in the highlands of the island site belongs to three brothers, where there is still native vegetation. The remaining native highland forests on the populated islands are quite limited due to farming activities in general, and the introduction of useful, but very invasive, species from the mainland therefore the farm is trying to conserve their native vegetation and reverse the negative effects of invasive or introduced species, restoring the native and endemic forests ! Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands Farm Ecuador.



The House: Volunteer’s house has 6 bedrooms, with 3Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands Farm Ecuador bathroom and 2 shower with hot water outside of the house. Volunteers share bedroom from 4 people. The farm provides cleaning and maintenance supplies for the house. However, volunteers are responsible for toiletries (bath towels, toilet paper, soap) and extra drinks. Three meals a day are served in the farm by a local staff, vary and nutritional food. Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands Farm Ecuador

Volunteers usually work for five days each week in the morning, with weekends off. Afternoons are free to go to the port, visit the beach, etc.. Evenings are quiet and usually spent chatting, listening to music, writing in your journal or reading. Sometimes you will find that you are one of only two or three volunteers. At other times however, there will be large groups, so be prepared for variety in the people you will meet and work with.

Volunteers work in a controlled plot of land to eliminate introduced / invasive plant species and to restore native and endemic species, and then transplanting them to their permanent locations.Volunteers also assist in community projects, such as installing a water pipeline for the local community (if you are in a short term probably you won’t be working or depends community needs). Jose, the responsible is always on-hand for assistance and guidance in the Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands Farm Ecuador.

We recommend you to Speak Basic Spanish to have the best experience in the Galapagos Island Farm. Learn Spanish in Ecuador we’ve special Homestay Spanish Lessons in Quito.


Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands Farm Ecuador

There is not a typical day, every day is different. You will live and work on the farm itself. Nature takes over when working in a place such as this, so you will get up early each morning to start work.
– Reforestation of the Lands
– Helping famers with few economic resources that need help in their plantations
– Maintenance work in the school if needed
– Sow plant species that the tortoises like, and cut the same native plant for feed the tortoises.
– You will be involved in the restoration of habitats
– Assisting with the organic agriculture component at the nursery of the National Park once in a week

For 1 week – 390 $US /person
For 2 weeks – 650 $US /person
For 3 weeks – 910 $US /person
By Month – 1170 $US /person

We will need the payment of the entire amount done 2 months before the start of the Program by Western Union, Paypal (+6%) or Bank Transfer.

The minimum time in the Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands Farm Ecuador project is 1 week.

– Lodging in a the Volunteer House
– All Meals
– Activities and experiences in the Farm

OPTIONAL : Pick up from Quito Airport and 1 night in a Family Host and transfer back to the Airport for the flight to Galapagos ($75)
– Flight to San Cristobal (Quito to Galapagos Islands)
– Galapagos Park Entrance Fee ($110)

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Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands Farm Ecuador

Weather in San Cristobal


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