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Study Abroad in Ecuador with EcuaSwiss Foundation. You want to do an Internship in Ecuador, a Cultural Exchange or Learn Spanish in Ecuador ? Contact us.

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Discover one of the most beautiful country in South America, its Tribes, Cultures and Dishes. We have the Best Excursions and Tours in Ecuador.

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Work and Help in one of our beautiful Projects ! See our Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador Volunteering Galapagos Islands in our Sustainable local projects.

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We’ve a shop with Clothes and Products from Ecuador ! Support our Non-Profit Organisation the EcuaSwiss Foundation by buying our products.

Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador Volunteering Galapagos Islands

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Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador Volunteering Galapagos Islands


EcuaSwiss Foundation is an non-profit Organisation that is promoting Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador Volunteering Galapagos Islands and highly supporting the exchanges between Ecuador and the World with Study Abroad Programs in Quito, capital,  Eco Tours in Ecuador, Activities to Travel all around Ecuador and Volunteer Projects in Ecuador with local Communities form the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes and the Coast of Ecuador to work with them and support them ! The Projects are ideal for Students, for Internships or for Conscious Travellers ! You want to Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador Volunteering Galapagos Islands so you’re with the good organisation we will help you to have the best experience in your Conscious Travel to Ecuador. We are specialised in Internship in Quito and in Ecuador as we collaborate with a lot of institutions, Children Care Centres, Organic Farms, local communities and sustainable projects. Feel free to contact us about each project by the forms on the pages or clicking HERE, you will find a form under the map. Welcome to EcuaSwiss Foundation website we hope we could help you find the best Opportunities in Ecuador.


Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador Volunteering Galapagos Islands

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